• Smart Voltage Energy Saving Unit
  • Eniscope – Real Time Energy Management System
  • Air Conditioning Energy Saver (ACES)
  • Chilled Unit Energy Saver (CUES)

Smart Voltage ESU is a proven energy saving voltage optimization technology which uses super-high efficiency amorphous alloy transformers and an Energywise-patented design of the core component.

The ESU has the technology for energy savings at the electrical room. This is achieved by optimizing the voltage supply and improving the quality of electricity entering a building.

If voltage optimization is implemented prior to addressing downstream energy conservation measures (air-cons, motors, fans, chillers and refrigerants), all equipment, lighting and machinery throughout the building will operate more efficiently, and more importantly, receive a quality of power supply that more closely matches how the equipment is designed and built to operate.

In addition to the immediate energy savings, significant benefits include reduced maintenance costs, reduced replacement of consumables and extended operating life spans.

The ESU has a proven track record stretching over five years and has consistently shown significant energy savings, averaging 12% to 18% repeatedly, at over 50 sites in Australia to date since 2001.

The cost of the SV ESU, including installation and commissioning, have seen payback in as little as 1.51 years but more generally, of about 2.0 years.

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Eniscope collates real-time energy data from multiple sources in addition to it highly accurate on-board metering capability, delivering critical information through easy to understand graphics. The data is available across networks, to be viewed on any computer, or portable devices from anywhere in the world via Eniscope Analytics.

Eniscope can eliminate hours of waste, expose energy abusing equipment and more importantly prove savings and change user behavior.

Designed and built in the UK, it has been developed and honed to become a powerful energy monitoring and energy saving targeting solution.

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ACES is a range of air conditioning energy saving products that has been designed to significantly reduce energy running costs while maintaining, and often improving comfort levels. Their primary applications are found in the commercial sector and larger private housing.

Use of ACES typically results in saving of 10-15% with up to 35% on some applications. The benefits of ACES are not limited to energy savings, as it also

  • improves comfort by intelligently moderating cooling cycles
  • reduces cost of maintenance as it minimizes the short cycling of compressor

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CUES is a range of refrigeration energy saving and temperature monitoring products designed to improve the efficiency of refrigeration system.

Use of CUES can reduce energy cost up to 33%. In addition to energy saving, CUES will also

  • reduce cost of maintenance through reduction of refrigeration cycle by 50-75%
  • can double the life span of the compressor

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Integra is a range of intelligent controllers for fixed speed motors and are suitable for many motor sizes and applications; Integra provides an extensive array of special application pre-sets and easily configurable parameters.

It combines world leading soft start, intelligent load monitoring, energy optimisation and controlled stopping in a smartly designed, easy to install and competitively priced unit.

In effect; Integra electronically ‘re-sizes’ the motor to both its application and load cycle every 10 milliseconds. Integra is perfect for fixed speed applications because motor rpm is maintained at all times. Integra can also be configured to turn off the motor when no load is detected.

Integra can extend motor life, reduce maintenance costs and save a fortune in the process. Payback is normally achieved within two years, sometimes just a few months.

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Atmos is the most advanced, intelligent lighting control available today.

When designing a new lighting scheme with almost any luminaire the performance of your solution can be transformed through each unit having its own highly configurable intelligent wireless sensor that not only monitors and reacts to occupancy through our unique Passive Infra-red eye, but also responds to subtle variations in ambient light.

In 90% of all installations, our customers have experienced savings between 70 - 80% and very typically see paybacks on their investment of between 1- 2 years. Atmos will integrate with both digital and analogue devices and is based on wireless technology control. Atmos is simple to install and set up to your exacting needs and will deliver phenomenal results every time with zero maintenance requirements.

Atmos is perfectly suited for integration into High-Bay installations found in factories, retail parks, malls, arenas, car showrooms, exhibition halls, hypermarkets etc. There are thousands of potential applications. Also warehousing and distribution.

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Installing Eluma will transform your lighting into an efficient, intelligent system that can reduce the energy cost by up to 80%. In the first instance this is achieved by replacing old luminaires with the latest LED technology.

Further savings can be realised by adding intelligence to your lighting. This is achieved through the strategic installation of state-of-the-art sensor technology. Eluma occupancy sensors ensure that lights are turned off automatically when they are not needed.

In addition, the Daylight Harvesting sensors incorporated in Elma can switch off the lighting when they detect sufficient natural light. They will also respond dynamically to changes in that light by intelligently adjusting light intensity to maintain perfect lighting levels. The result is guaranteed savings without having to think about it.

Eluma is perfectly designed for High-Bay installations like those found in factories, retail parks, malls, arenas, car showrooms, exhibition halls, hypermarkets etc. There are thousands of potential applications. Also warehousing and distribution level of ‘lumens’ required for level of lux.

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